ITECS develops and markets platform-based, innovative, flexible and easily extended software applications. The objectives and results of our solution implementation are realized in a short span of time. Our core expertise is in design, development and delivering customized solutions to the financial investment banking industry.

We offer high-volume and high-performance solutions for the front and middle-offices of global Tier 1 institutions. Some of the specialized areas we serve are as

• Fixed Income
• Credit Derivatives
• Equity
• Currency and Foreign Exchange

Functional Areas
Business / Institutions
Trading Asset Management
Portfolio and Position Management Broker / Dealer
Trade Management & Processing Hedge Fund
Risk Management Primer Broker

We take on clients toughest challenges and meet them in a better way. We bring together, our technical expertise, the practical application of innovative technology, and unmatched speed to deliver solutions that solve the most difficult problems. We give clients exactly what they need for today and what they’ll need to grow and prosper into the future, without having to struggle with rigid, hard-coded products.

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