One of our premier services that we provide at ITECS is the ISO 9001 certification preparation for many companies and a successful audit and certificate issue in the end.

ISO 9001 is a set of internationally agreed standards that provide guidelines for a Quality Management System. It represents one of the standards developed and issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They depict a set of management principles that aim at achieving customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services. ISO 9001:2008 represents the latest version of the guidelines. The expression “ISO 9000” is typically interchanged with ISO 9001 to represent this family of standards. ISO 9000 was the grandfather of this methodology.

ISO 9001:2008 can apply to any organization, including software, manufacturing, service, or even non-profit organizations. There is no limit, up or down about the size of the company either. At ITECS, we work with many organizations, large and small, including many industry categories to assist them internally to prepare for and plan their objective to achieve ISO certification. We are well versed with the language, the principles behind the definitions and the time and commitment that it will take to achieve these goals.

As mention above, the standard can be used for any type of organization. The standard is generic and universal and is the basis for auditing. It requires top level management commitment to achieve the certification. We help organizations in preparing and planning for all stages of the audit, including documentation preparation, staff training, audit preparation, post audit correction and improvement. We are always there to help you year over year, as your needs and organization size changes, including any product additions. We interview several outside auditors to gauge their expertise, plan the schedules and follow through with their plan of audit.

Remember that the ISO 9001 standard does not determine your company’s quality goals. It is also not a financial audit and therefore you do not have to worry about sharing your financials with outside individuals. However, the standard allows you to develop your systems for long term quality growth and seeks commitment from everyone to achieve the same. In the end, it is about customer service and quality of your delivery to them. We work with you to achieve these results year over year and our success rate speaks for itself.

To know more about ISO standard and our services, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We will come to your offices and share the ins and out of this certification and give you a preliminary scope of the whole process.

ISO 9001:2008 is based on eight quality management principles (all fundamental to good business practice). When fully adopted, these principles can help improve your organizational performance:

  • Customer focus

    Organizations depends on their customers, and therefore need to shape activities around the fulfillment of market need.

  • Leadership

    Needed to provide unity of purpose and direction.

  • Involvement of people

    Creates an environment where people become fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives.

  • Process approach

    To achieve organizational objectives, resources and activities need to be managed as processes, with an understanding of how the outputs of one process affects the inputs of another.

  • System approach to management

    The effectiveness and efficiency of the organization depends on a systematized approach to work activities.

  • Continual improvement

    Adopting this as a part of everyday culture is a key objective for an organization.

  • Fact based decision-making

    Effective decisions are based on the logical and intuitive analysis of data and factual information.

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